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Welcome to Custom Data Services, Inc.

We are a medical billing company in Merrillville, IN that has been serving our community for over 35 years.

We provide medical management and physician services to private practice and hosptial based physicians in Indiana. If you would like to learn more about our services please request a bid.

 Custom Data Services, Inc.

How Will You Benefit By Working With Us?

  • Claim Submission

    Claim Submission

We submit your patient claims electronically. Electronic claim submission is more efficient, it reduces billing errors, and it increases the speed of collection.

  • Patient Services

    Patient Services

We provide knowledgeable customer service staff for your patients. Your patient service number is listed on each statement in order for us to better serve you.

  • Medical Office Space

    Office Space

We provide the office space you don't have. We can reduce your costs by eliminating rent, computers and servers, staffing costs, and turnover rates.

  • Practive Performace Review

    Peformance Review

We meet with you to review your practices trends to keep your practice running smoothly and efficiently. We provide monthly reports for you to view anytime online.

Our Partners

For more information please call 219-769-1670 or Request a Bid.